Did you know more than 60% of the overall internet
traffic comes from mobile devices?

Android based Smartphones


Trust our Genies when they say having presence on your customers’ mobiles is sheer necessity. In today’s time, having a mobile version of your website is a non-debatable need. Everyone owns a smartphone and every smartphone owns its user’s time and attention, literally!

That is why we at AppsGenies ensure that your services/products are able to capture and engage your potential target audience, even when they are constantly on the move! For that, we build unique and eye-catching smartphone applications that users want to instantly download and use. Our agile apps are built to function smoothly on all Android-based smartphones. They are not only attractive; they are also highly intuitive which makes them user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Android basedWatches

It is time for Android!

As expert developers, we offer customized solutions to all our clients. While some businesses stick with the regular Android apps for mobile phones, others go one step ahead to establish themselves as pioneers. AppsGenies takes your business to the next level by creating wearable apps for you. The age of Smart Watches is here and with technology as dynamic as this, you need to create a niche for your brand.

Android basedTablets

Owing to the device’s wide screen, many individuals prefer to browse the internet and other web-based applications on their tablets. A tablet can offer more space to display multiple sets of information simultaneously. Luckily, the Android platform is highly adaptable and can run on different screen sizes. This makes it convenient for business-owners to optimize the opportunity and reach out to a wider customer base. AppsGenies effectively innovates and creates Android-based apps for tabs using functionalities such as the action bar and fragment APIs. Every Android application that we develop at ApssGenies is led by a dedicated Project Manager who guides you through the entire process and ensures timely delivery.

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