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The iOS mobile operating system powers all your Apple technology, including iPhone, iPad and iWatch. AppsGenies determines and strategizes the look and feel of your potential application based on the nature of your business, much like Genie does for Aladdin when he's headed out on a date. Our Genies plays around with UI elements, graphics and design elements to finally create the face of your iOS app. The Xcode is used to develop the app that we then run, test and finally approve.

  • iOS 9

  • i Watch

  • i Pad



For the operating system of Android, AppsGenies develops mobile applications using Java programming language. We strive to create a dynamic multi-pane user interface that brings together all those beautiful UI components to maximize effect and bring quick results. We build fragments of information architecture to simplify browsing behaviors, such as the basic 'Call' functionality. Our apps can adapt to different device configurations as we include varied platform versions, APIs, screen sizes and languages. We test run the new app for you and present it gift-wrapped to your potential customers using unique marketing strategies. And congratulations... your app just got launched!! Or not. Stop dreaming, Aladdin. You still need to get in touch with us.

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The Web is our Canvas We Design on it

As our name suggests, AppsGenies is a compliant app
development company with the ultimate aim to understand and
meet your business needs. We focus on innovation to design
stunning yet slick applications for iPhone, iPad and Android
devices. Driven by performance, our Genies strive to build
contemporary applications offering the ultimate visual impact
and optimized user experience.

AppsGenies' plan-design-build-test mantra often hits the
bull's eye. If not, we are here to serve you till eternity

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